Who we are

GreenSea Distribution is an OLCC wholesale company committed to supplying the Oregon cannabis market with product, services and a support network.

What we do

Our family of vendors represents some of the best products available to the Oregon market. We believe in quality, consistency and a unique experience.

How we do it

Our support system extends from the farm to the end consumer, and GreenSea Distribution is there at every step in between. From sourcing to packaging, branding, and distribution, GreenSea has a comprehensive network for growing your brand.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the most complete, safe and comprehensive services to our clients on the commercial wholesale and retail cannabis landscape.

“If your company has a product requirement GreenSea is there, a marketing requirement, GreenSea is there, a labeling requirement, GreenSea is there, if you need or want a product, GreenSea is there”.

GreenSea will be there with strategies to get you to market with the most direct line of sight to revenue.