GreenSea Cannabis Philanthropy Series

Welcome to the GreenSea Cannabis Philanthropy Series!!

Philanthropy has long been a part of the American culture. It is defined as the practice of giving money and/or time to help people other than themselves. The cannabis industry is thriving and business owners are looking for ways to give back to their communities in a big way!

Click the links below for a detailed look at philanthropy in the cannabis industry!

GreenSea Cannabis Philanthropy SeriesPhilanthropy & Green Wealth

We introduce the concept of charity and philanthropy in our first article in the series.

GreenSea Cannabis Philanthropy SeriesCannabis Philanthropy: Breaking the Green Ceiling

The next article in our series covers the negative stereotypes cannabis businesses face today and how they can help remove those stigmas through charity & philanthropy.

GreenSea Cannabis Philanthropy SeriesUnlocking the Philanthropy Puzzle

Next we talk about the issues cannabis business owners have faced when trying to donate to charitable funds and ways to have those businesses accept the donations!

Giving Back: Cannabis Supports CommunitieGreenSea Cannabis Philanthropy Seriess

Moving on to our next topic, this article covers the cannabis businesses who have successfully implemented philanthropic programs.

GreenSea Cannabis Philanthropy SeriesDriving Change: When Philanthropy Becomes Lobbying

The last article in our series discusses the difference between philanthropy and lobbying and shows us how lobbying can change the legal landscape as we know it!