GreenSea Recreational Cannabis Law Comparison

Welcome to the GreenSea State-by-State Recreational Cannabis Law Comparisons

GreenSea compared every state who has legalized recreational cannabis against the current Oregon recreational law, Measure 91. We had fun with this one, setting it up as a college football schedule of scrimmages. In the end, Oregon ended up tied 4-4 even though we hoped for a better season! Think you have a better play-by-play, comment below and let us know!

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Oregon vs. Washington: Comparing Legal CannabisOregon Vs. Washington

Oregon easily beat out Washington in the first state-by-state comparison! Over regulation & taxation and nonsensical drugged driving laws made this an easy shut out for Oregon!

Oregon vs. Colorado: Comparing Legal CannabisOregon Vs. Colorado

Colorado steals the win in this scrimmage and shows Oregon how it’s done! Adding social clubs in Denver really stole the show in this match-up!

Oregon vs. Alaska: Comparing Legal CannabisOregon Vs. Alaska

Another loss puts Oregon behind for the season! Alaska adopts more sensible rules when it comes to cannabis legalization!

Oregon Vs. Washington D.C.Oregon vs. Washington D.C.: Comparing Legal Cannabis

Oregon ties up their season again, taking down D.C.’s laws. The federal government makes gaining traction in D.C. almost impossible, giving Oregon the win!

Oregon vs. California: Comparing Legal CannabisOregon Vs. California

California may be a cannabis juggernaut, however Oregon still has more sensible recreational cannabis laws on the books. This could change in the coming year though!

Oregon vs. Nevada: Comparing Legal CannabisOregon Vs. Nevada

Nevada may have Sin City, but Oregon still has more sensible cannabis regulations on the books from taxing to drugged driving regulations and everything in between!

orvsaz2-01Oregon Vs. Massachusetts

Massachusetts ends up with some of the most sensible recreational cannabis laws in the country! From possession limits to taxes, Mass. was easily the winner in this match-up!

Oregon vs. Maine: Comparing Legal CannabisOregon Vs. Maine

While under a recount it was touch and go for Maine, but now it’s confirmed that they handily trounced Oregon forcing them to end the season tied.