GreenSea’s Talking Shop Series

Welcome to the GreenSea Talking Shop Series

GreenSea enjoys each opportunity we have to “talk shop” with key individuals in the world-wide cannabis community. From growers & processors to lawyers & government officials, we bring you insights from those responsible for spearheading the cannabis industry!

Click the links below to read the interviews in our “Talking Shop” series!

Producers & Processors

Growing Green: Talking Shop with Tom Scoble, Founder of Mother Magnolia Medicinals

We sit down with Tom Scoble with Mother Magnolia Medicinals to get some insights about growing cannabis in the OLCC recreational cannabis system.

High Standards: Talking Shop with Yerba Buena Farms

Laura Rivero from Yerba Buena Farms gives us some feedback on growing their business in the OLCC system.

Grower’s Caucus: Talking Shop with Fox Hollow Flora

Ben of Fox Hollow Flora to talk about the current state of Oregon cannabis and Fox Hollow’s success at the 2015 and 2016 GanjaCon.

Talking Shop with Ted Deli of BioBizzLearning Nutrients: Talking Shop with Ted Deli of BioBizz

When it comes to nutrients and soil amendments it’s hard to know which are the best to use for your needs. We sit down with Ted Deli of BioBizz to learn a bit more about how to grow quality cannabis.

Talking Shop with Sara Batterby of Hifi FarmsMusic & Cannabis: Talking Shop with Sara Batterby of Hifi Farms

Sara Batterby, CEO of Hifi Farms, sits down with GreenSea and talks about music, getting started in the cannabis industry and being a “Woman Leader in Cannabis”.

Talking Shop with Phantom FarmsMighty Tasty Cannabis: Talking Shop with Phantom Farms

The Phantom Farms team sat down to answer our questions and give us some insight on what it takes to grow some “Mighty Tasty Cannabis”.

Talking Shop with East Fork CultivarsGrowing Medicine: Talking Shop with Aaron Howard & Nathan Howard of East Fork Cultivars

Aaron & Nathan Howard with East Fork Cultivators talk to us about growing in native soils, terpenes & amendments, and growing CBD-rich flower in Southern Oregon.

Talking Shop with Dan Sutton of Tantalus LabsSungrown Cannabis: Talking Shop with Dan Sutton of Tantalus Labs

Tantalus Labs is leading the charge to change the way we grow cannabis in the recreational market. We sat down with Dan Sutton and learned about sungrown cannabis!

Growing & Soils

Cannabis Ecology: Talking Shop with Dr. Rick of Grow Ecology

Dr. Rick gives us a crash course on soils, sustainable farm layout & design, soil management and amendments, and how it all applies to the budding cannabis community.

Cannabis Soils: Talking Shop with Earthfort’s Matthew Slaughter

Earthfort CEO Matthew Slaughter agreed to talk shop with us about soils, organic growing, and the importance of testing your soil before planting!

Legal & Finance

The Science of Marijuanomics: Talking Shop with Marijunaomics CEO Chris Gromek

Chris Gromek discusses what it means to be a cannabis investor today and what it will mean should federal legalization of cannabis occur.


Legal Landscape: Talking Shop with Perry Salzhauer of Green Light Law Group

Perry Salzhauer gives some insights to the legal landscape of the cannabis industry as medical dispensaries begin to transition into the OLCC regulated market.


Talking Shop with Cannabis Attorney Dale SchaferIllegally Healed: Talking Shop with Cannabis Attorney Dale Schafer

Cannabis Attorney Dale Schafer talks about cannabis legalization and shares his story about how he went from lawyer to criminal and again back to a cannabis lawyer!

Talking Shop with BioTrackTHCGetting to the Money: Talking Shop with Daniel Sparks, J.D. & Steve Flaks of BioTrackTHC

Sit down with BioTrackTHC and learn about seed-to-sale cannabis tracking software, point-of-sale integration and the difficulties of creating a compliant system for every state with legal cannabis!

Talking Shop with Tokken’s Lamine Zarrad

Fixing Cannabis Banking: Talking Shop with Tokken’s Lamine Zarrad

Lamine Zarrad takes a moment to discuss the banking issues in the cannabis industry and his solution to the problem – Tokken.

Business Associations,  Lobbyists & Researchers

Drug Lobbying: Talking Shop with Amanda Reiman of the Drug Policy Alliance

Amanda Reiman takes a moment and gives us some information on what the Drug Policy Alliance is and what they do for marijuana and drug reform.

Talking Shop: GreenSea Sits Down with Aaron Smith of the NCIA

GreenSea had a chance to sit down with Aaron Smith of the NCIA, a national cannabis lobbying group, to discuss what the NCIA does and the important role it plays in the emerging cannabis industry.

Canadian Cannabis: Talking Shop with Jonathan Zaid of CFAMM

Jonathan Zaid of the Canadians for Fair Access to Medical Marijuana sat down with us and discusses the move towards legalizing recreational cannabis in Canada.

Talking Shop with Jason O’Donoghue of the SACCRA
Cannabis Trade: Talking Shop with Jason O’Donoghue of the SACCRA

As legalization efforts continue internationally, O’Donoghue hopes South Africa will adopt legislation allowing it to be the first African country to completely legalize cannabis for all purposes.

Cannabis and Mental Health: Talking Shop with Michelle S. Thiessen of the CSSDP

Michelle S. Thiessen discusses the psychology behind cannabis consumption, in addition to what her group is advocating for and why these matters are especially important in regards to mental health.

Talking Shop with Dr. Charles Pollack of Thomas Jefferson UniversityCannabis as Medicine: Talking Shop Dr. Charles Pollack of Thomas Jefferson University

We learn a little about the new research happening  at Thomas Jefferson University from Dr. Charles Pollack after the generous donation from Australian philanthropist Barry Lambert.

Talking Shop with Ashley Preece of the Ethical Cannabis Alliance

Science & Social Justice: Talking Shop with Ashley Preece of the Ethical Cannabis Alliance

Ashley Preece of the Ethical Cannabis Alliance talks to us about safe working conditions, testing issues and the direction we should be heading as we create a nascent industry!

Journalism & Authors

Talking Shop: Finding the Facts with Journalist Angela Bacca

Freelance cannabis journalist Angela Bacca discusses what its like to be a journalist focusing on the cannabis industry as well as some of the cannabis industry’s biggest stories.

Talking Shop with Cannabis Author/Photographer Gooey RabinskiUnderstanding Medical Marijuana: Talking Shop with Cannabis Author/Photographer Gooey Rabinski

Cannabis author and photographer Gooey Rabinski talks to us about how he began writing about cannabis, his adventures as a freelance writer and his newest book, Understanding Medical Marijuana.