Welcome to the Understanding Cannabinoid Series!

Cannabinoids are partially responsible for cannabis’ effects on the body. They are responsible for the psychoactive effects we feel and the anti-inflammatory effects that we don’t feel. Research is showing that cannabinoids can function as a tumor growth inhibitor. They can also help alleviate the effects of seizures or even limit the number of seizures a epilepsy patient may have. The National Cancer Institute has done its own research and is now advising that cannabis may even help with cancer treatments.

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GreenSea Cannabinoid Map

What are Cannabinoids

This first article introduces us to the GreenSea cannabinoid map and gives a basic rundown of what cannabinoids are and how they affect our bodies.

How Does the Endocannbinoid System Work

We cover the Endocannabinoid system, the CB1 & CB2 receptors, and how this system regulates our bodies and how cannabis affects us.

Cannabigerol (CBG): The Building Block

We begin our journey along the “Cannabinoid Map” and introduce readers to Cannabigerol (CBG). This is the building block cannabinoid where THC, CBD and CBC all come from!

GreenSea Understanding Cannabinoid Series

What is Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)?

Our next stop covers the very well known cannabinoid, THC. We discuss how THC affects our bodies and minds and the medicinal benefits of this very popular cannabinoid!

Cannabidiol (CBD): The Guardian Cannabinoid

The up and coming cannabinoid, CBD is gaining popularity for its pain relieving ability. This stop on the cannabinoid map tells us more about this protective cannabinoid!

Cannabichromene (CBC): The Hidden Cannabinoid

Not much is known about this cannabinoid so we dove into the hidden waters and brought its benefits to the surface! Intensify the effects of the other cannabinoids with CBC!

Tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCv): Introducing the Varins

The cousin to THC, THCv is a little known cannabinoid with a big impact! More intense but shorter lived, THCv comes with its own host of medicinal benefits.

Cannabidivarin (CBDv) & Cannabinol (CBN)

We cover the last two of the major cannabinoids in this article, CBDv and CBN. CBDv is a cousin to CBD and CBN is known for the “couch-lock” effect it can have!

CBL, Δ8-THC & Terpenes

We cover a couple of minor cannabinoids in this article and then finally introduce our readers to terpenes. Terpenes are what create the flavor and aroma of cannabis and provide their own laundry list of medicinal benefits!

Synergistic Healing: The Entourage Effect

Synergistic Healing: The Entourage Effect

The final article in our Understanding Cannabinoids series unveils the “Entourage Effect”. This is the ability for the cannabinoids & terpenes to work together as a whole to increase the power and efficacy of the individual compounds!

Understanding Cannabinoids - How It All Works Together

Understanding Cannabinoids – How It All Works Together

This SlideShare presentation gives a general run down of the major cannabinoids in the cannabis plant, what the Entourage Effect does, and how everything works together.

Understanding Terpenes: The Smells & Aromas of the Plant World

Understanding Terpenes: The Smells & Aromas of the Plant World

This follow up to the series looks a bit deeper into terpenes and how they affect the smell and flavor of cannabis and other foods!