Customer Portal Tutorial

Welcome to the customer portal tutorial. We have prepared a series of screenshots and instructions to help you get familiar with the portal layout and features before you begin. Click the heading titles on each section to open up the section and view its contents. Click again to close.

Use the Email address that you provided on your sales portal registration and your account password to sign-in to the sales portal.

If you forgot your password you can use the link on the sign-in page to reset it.

If you cannot remember the email address you used to register, you can email or call support at 888-459-8688 ext 708 during regular business hours.

Welcome to the Customer Portal Home. Here you will find links to important information regarding order and delivery policies, FAQs, Terms, and Conditions of Use and occasional product bulletins as well as contact information.

Using the green navigation bar or the links on the right side of the page you can place or review an order, see current and past invoices, review your payments and credits and access your User Settings to change your password or add/edit/delete users on your account.

Here you will find the Order Forms and Price Lists that are available to you for placing orders. All cannabis products will be found in the OLCC Licensee Order Form, which is only accessible to OLCC Recreational Marijuana licensees. You may find other order forms on this page that include non-cannabis items and are accessible to those without an OLCC license. These may have items that interest our OLCC customers as well, but will not contain any cannabis items.

To place an order, click the “Place Order” link to the right of the Order Form you would like to begin ordering from and you will be taken to the form.

The Order Form Screen is where you will enter quantities for your order as well as a P.O.(Purchase Order) number if you like and a requested delivery date. You will also see the Bill To/Ship To addresses here and be able to change where you need your products delivered to by clicking the (change) link. Note that OLCC Products will only be delivered to the registered licensee address on file.

There are navigation and search tools on the form screen to help narrow down the visible items to what you are seeking for your order. These features will be outlined in detail in the next couple of screenshots.

Using the “Select category” drop down menu, you can filter the visible items on a form to a particular category. On the OLCC Licensee Order Form all categories are the same as you will find in METRC and should be familiar to you by now. Other forms will have categories that are relevant to the items on the form. This will help you limit the number of items in view and make it easier to find what you are looking for.

If you already know what you’re looking for you can search by a keyword or phrase using the “Search Description” field in the Search Tools area of the order form. This search tool will search all item fields and filter down your view to your search results once you press GO. Note that search criteria entered in the “Search Product ID” field will search ONLY in the Product ID field, whereas data entered in the “Search Description keywords” field searches all item fields.

In this example you can see that our search has narrowed our view down to only items that contain “herb n” in their description.

Enter the quantities needed of each item in the form box on each item’s row. Note that bulk flower is always priced and sold by the gram unless explicitly expressed in the item’s description. Often items will have minimum order quantities or minimum multiple quantities. For example, bulk flower is sold in increments of 113.5 gms. The following slides will address some possible errors you could face if incorrect quantities are entered.

When you have entered quantities for all the items you wish to order, click the “Review Order” button.

Once you reach the Order Review screen you can double check your order quantities. If you’ve forgotten something you meant to order, use the “Add items to this Order” link at the bottom of the order form to go back to the Order Form and add more items. Once you’re sure your order is complete then click the Submit Order to send it to the GreenSea Distribution team. The next slide will address some possible errors that you may encounter on the Order Review screen.

If you encounter errors (indicated by red text) when reviewing your order, the most likely cause is an incorrect quantity entry. The error text will indicate the error that needs to be addressed before your order can be submitted successfully.

The error “Min=113.5” means that the minimum order quantity for that item is 113.5 (our minimum order for bulk flower) and you have entered a number below the minimum.

The error “Mult=113.5” means that the quantities must be in multiples of 113.5 (our minimum multiplier for bulk flower) and you have enter a number that is not a multiple of 113.5

To correct your errors, simply enter a correct  quantity in the form box and click “Submit Order” or “Save Draft”

After a successful error-free order submission, you will see this screen. We will receive an email notifying us of a new order and will begin processing your request.

On the Order screen you will see orders with a “submitted” status below the forms area.  This means they have not yet been assigned a SO number by QuickBooks. After these ‘submitted orders’ are assigned a number by QuickBooks, they will show under the Pending Orders tab, and will have an order number.

You can view the full order details by clicking (submitted) in the Order Number column.

You can view any submitted orders that haven’t been invoiced yet by clicking the “Pending Orders” link in the green menu bar.

Here you will see any orders with a status of “submitted” as well as orders that have been assigned a number by Quickbooks. Once an order has been invoiced you will no longer see it on this page.

You can view the full order details by clicking the hyper link in the “Ref Number” column.

Orders that have been accepted but not yet invoiced will also appear in the Pending Orders area. Accepted orders now have a Sales Order (SO) number in the Ref Number column and the Status column will change to say “Accepted” instead of “Submitted”.

You may view the Sales Order by clicking the numbered link in the Ref Number column.

Once an order has been accepted a Sales Order (SO) is generated for fulfillment. Once fulfilled the SO is converted to an invoice for delivery.

You can view the Sales Order at any time before it is converted to an invoice by clicking the number link in the Ref Number column on the Pending Orders page.

After your order is fulfilled and ready for delivery it will be converted to an invoice. You can view any invoices on your account (open or paid) by clicking the Invoices link in the green menu bar.

Click the hyper linked number in the Invoice Number column to view details or print invoices.

After clicking on the Invoice Number on the Invoices page you will come to this detailed view where you can print a copy of your invoice or view for reference.

Payments and credits can be viewed by clicking the “Payments & Credits” link in the green menu bar or on the right menu links on the main page.

Here you will see the payment reference number, date received, amount and description (invoice or credit number). You can view and print any payment receipts by clicking the numbered link in the Payment Number column.

On the User Settings page you can view your company information on file and active portal users on your account. You can also access the page to edit and add users from here.

Have questions we didn’t answer here? Head to our Sales Portal FAQ  page for answers to other ordering and technical support questions.