Quality is In Our Roots

Wild West Growers mission is to provide cannabis consumers and the retailers that serve them with a wide variety of cannabis flowers, concentrates, extracts, and edibles of exceptional quality produced in our professionally-managed facilities. Our passion for quality extends to providing impeccable service to our customers and a safe and supportive work environment for our employees that encourages and rewards exceptional performance, innovation, and attention to detail.

Wild West Flower

At Wild West Growers , we take pride in the care we give our plant, and it shows with the dried and cured hand-trimmed flower that we offer.
We grow organically indoors, in greenhouses, and in our fields. We are mindful of the environment, and we are always working towards sustainability, recently implementing a no-till processes that uses living soil and eliminates waste. We use only natural pest-control, and all of our product is free from harmful pesticides or artificial fertilizers.
All of our flower has been grown from incredible genetics, and contains extremely high terpene levels, for maximum flavor. Enjoy our meticulously-cultivated smoke as much as we have enjoyed growing it.

Daily J King Size Joints

Our 7-pack is a full quarter ounce of premium all-flower cannabis, perfectly rolled and always fresh, at a great price. Our package is resealable and contains a Boveda humidity control packet to keep your joints fresh for weeks.

Baby J's Mini Joints

Baby J’s are 3, 1/3rd gram, joints packed in a convenient rugged slide tin. Perfect for those who like to smoke on the go! Baby Js are made with the same premium flower we use for our king-size joints. The tin also contains a Boveda pack for humidity control and freshness.

Chocolust THC

One of our most popular products, for good reason. 10 Individually wrapped foil hearts make this a convenient way to medicate.

Chocolust CBD

A favorite of medical patients and those who like the benefits of CBD with a delicious taste.


Coconut Cranberry-Walnut

Baker Bros Cranberry Cookies are chewy cookies filled with delicious chunks of tangy dried cranberry that contrast nicely with the toasted coconut and walnut.


CBD Capsules

The Medicine Man capsules are decarboxylated flower put into capsules. Its a quick, and simple way, to ingest full spectrum flower and cannabinoids with little processing.
available in CBD & 1:1


Yummi Gummi

Yummi Gummi are delicious citrus-shaped gummies made by hand. Our recipe uses natural flavors and our pure sativa-dominant CO2 oil, for a exceptional effect that includes all the cannabinoids and terpenes of the original flower. Each bag contains 10 gummies for a total of 50 mg THC.


Our shatter is stable, firm, and delicious. Packed with terpenes derived from selected strains, this is as good as shatter gets.  The color of our CO2 extracts varies by strain, and unlike butane or distillates, a darker color does not indicate inferior quality.


Wild west sap is incredibly terpene-rich. We recommend dabbing this at a lower temperature to fully enjoy the flavor profiles present.  We refrain from over processing our sap, preferring it to be as close to the original flower as possible.



This highly-refined distillate is super clear and pure. 100% natural cannabis terpenes are reintroduced
at the end of the process for a delicious flavor and to broaden the entourage effect.