Local and Handcrafted

All of our honey products are made using the whole plant. We never use any chemicals in our processing. We infuse our tinctures the old fashioned way. We  hand-make tinctures by soaking the marijuana in locally made gluten-free organic alcohol. The alcohol is steamed off before mixing with the Willamette Valley honey.  Because we use the whole plant you enjoy all of the benefits of the terpenes that are naturally in the marijuana.

Honey Products

If you love honey — you will love our honey tincture. It can be taken as a tincture, used for cooking, or added to your favorite hot beverage. We only use pure local honey. All of our products are made from pesticide free, naturally grown cannabis. It is grown outdoors in the sun and in Oregon native soil. We make small batches from whole plants, giving you all of the natural goodness of the plant. We use gluten-free certified organic cane spirits in our processing.

Indica Honey

A small serving of our Indica Honey  will leave you feeling mellow and relaxed. Many people use this product to sleep.  It is made using  the same natural method as our CBD Honey.

CBD Honey

Our CBD Honey is made using local Willamette Valley Honey. It is hand processed in small batches using locally grown cannabis, not hemp. It is tested by local labs  so you can be certain of its potency and that it is pesticide free. We use locally produced organic cane alcohol. Local is the key word  with our products.

Sativa Honey

Wow, this product is potent and will knock you on the couch and give you a nice rush of mental energy. It is also made using the same method as the CBD honey.